Hunting Office Huntpol was founded in 2010 by hunters, for hunters.

We work with hunters and hunting offices around the world. We promote hunting traditions and ethical hunting. Our guests can expect highest quality huntings. Each hunting ground is carefully set up by our staff. We provide a personalised service for customers by adapting the offer to their individual needs. Year by year our offer becomes more attractive as we develop partnerships in Europe and around the world. We have more than 25 years  experience in hunting.

Individual and group huntings are offered as well as a combination of both.

In Poland we organize the hunting for red stags, roe bucks, fallow bucks, wild boars and mouflons. Our huntings have a distinct touch of elegance as professional callers, both Polish and European masters in “noble art of stag calling” often take part. We organize night hunting in full moon for wild boar and seasonal hunting for roe buck.

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Most recently we offer huntings in Belarus, Slovakia and South Africa.

There we hunt for Black grouse, fallow deer and a range of African game.

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