Our kennel of hunting dogs

Videos and photos of our dogs in various situations.


Tores “Towarzysz Łowów” – male dog, Wahtelhund , born in 2008. A stud who gave many good strong dogs. Universal with versatile skills, such as: a distinguished retriever, a hunter that proclaims extinct game, used to wild boar and to work in driven hunting.

Bas  (Bsaior od Urbańskiego) – male dog, son of Tores, Wahtelhund, born in 2017. Multi-talented, outstanding retriever and tracker. Winner of the hunting competition, used in individual bird hunts and for searching wounded animals by the blood. As a stud he gives strong white and brown puppies.


Koka (Roza Węgorzewski Strach) – female dog, Wahtelhund, born in 2014. A perfect dog for collective hunting with a very good “look”. He is very quickly, he preaches on a warm way, takes the boars. She is very careful with large wild boars, as one of the few dogs with such a large number of driven hunts, she was never seriously injured. She works after gunshots, retrieves pheasants and ducks also from water.

Honda z Sosnowej Zagrody – female dog, Wahtelhund, with breeding license, born in 2018. Used for Wild boar, work in litters for driven hunting. Perfect orientation, very fierce for wild boar. It is characterized by a very hard work on the big boar.

Ataman z Gruszczywego Jaronu – male dog, Russian-European Laika, born in 2015. An outstanding exterior, stud dog, is a balanced and passionate for wild boar, working with domination for driven hunting. It is also used to find wounded animals.


Figafimale dog, Russian-European Laika. Wild boar used in driven hunting. It is characterized by very hard work on the big boar.

Tajga – female dog, West Siberian Laika, daughter of Kuchum vel Pirate. He has breeding qualifications. An outstanding dog for wild boar hunting , used in driven hunting. He is characterized by an excellent “search competency”, persistent work, takes a boar sharply.