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XVI European Championship of Stag Callers in Salzburg 2014

On 22nd of February 2014 in Salzburg, Austria we took part in the XVI European Championship of Stag Callers .
Polish team composed of Michael Krzysztofik, Jan Skrztuski, and Tomasz Maliński took first place. Congratulations!

Huntingexpo Silesia 2012

Hunting Agency Huntpol - organized demonstrations, "Red deer calling" during EXPOHunting Silesia in 2012

Venatoria 2012

We took part in hunting fair Venatoria 2012 in Madrid

Ficcar 2012

We took part in hunting fair Ficaar 2012 in Madrid


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The polish tradition of hunting is a rich and diverse cultural activity. Out of this love for our culture we have decided to share this adventure with you.

We have 20years of experience and can indulge you in an organized hunting experience. We have beautiful, rich hunting grounds where meetings and adventures carry on for hours and hours.

We provide beautiful scenery and fresh polish environment where you will make your own unforgettable and exciting memories. We guarantee that you will have an adrenaline pumping experience, with a Hunters greeting every time you visit.

With the hunter's greeting

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Ireneusz Kubik, Paweł Nowicki.